V0.0.3 Fifo! [Fifo is now stable!]

Over the years, privacy becomes less and less important, people forget about being private, people don’t understand the fact that they are getting traced, but with Fifo, these problems go away. SnailDOS introduces to you, Fifo. FIFO is a privacy oriented browser, powered by the snaildos services. We have a custom UI with tons of new features. It’s stable, fast and free. Keep up to date on our forums! Big thanks to our beta testers, Chaosfelix4451 and big thanks to Chazzy who is going to spread the word. We also welcome HazzaAwesome into our general UI and design section of SnailDOS as he designed the banner for FIFO! We want you come on, and download Fifo today! It’s fast, free and secure.

For all existing Fifo users, your Fifo browser will update automatically.