StreamBop v1.6.0 and SnailFM v2.1.8 has been released!

Two major releases for both StreamBop and SnailFM have been deployed worldwide.

Firstly, SnailFM modules have been updated to ensure speed, stability and security and fixing some compatability issues with linux.

StreamBop is the application that has recieved the biggest update with the 2023 release upgrade. This update rewrites most of the core modules and development tools in StreamBop allowing a faster and more organized experience in development, whilst offering a more streamlined experience for the user. StreamBop has also recieved many compatability fixes this upgrade too.

Both applications now use Yarn Berry for development (v3). If you do not use the Yarn package manager and want to contribute, you need to use Yarn Berry to create the same environment we use @ SnailDOS.

These apps are live on the snap store, winget store and will auto update on launch on any windows device.

Thank you!