SnailFM terminated on Twitch

To Whom This May Concern,
I’d like to publicly question Twitch’s decisions on terminating the “SnailFM” radio account, with 48 hours of warning. I understand you terminated the account and gave me 48 hours warning to stop and message a twitch staff, however, you need to understand you can’t just re-activate my account without warning. I did not see the email at all, and I also did not consent to my account being re-activated. If you’re going to suspend my account, atleast leave it suspended until I log in and confirm I have seen your message. Although I have been affected from this and lost a fairly small userbase, I assume other radio stations that spend time and money to operate on Twitch also may have got affected by this short notice warning and recent change of policy (from what it appears as SnailFM has operated for 2 years now).
I do hope this becomes an internal discussion at the Twitch team to re-evaluate on how you suspend accounts and re-activate without warning and re-consider your suspension so I can now reach out to the appropriate team to resolve this issue.

Kind regards,