SnailDOS Project Status 16/10/21

Hello everyone,
This is a project status report from the SnailDOS team.
We want to inform you all of the current status of our projects.
Currently, Our team is fairly behind work and we are trying out hardest to catch up with the increasing amount of people using SnailDOS everyday.
I’m going to go through the project report now.

Here are the projects we are working on.

  1. Fifo Browser
  2. SnailFM
  3. SnailFM Application
  4. StreamBop
  5. SnailAPI
  6. Bubble ID
  7. Bubble OATH
  8. SnailCloud Revamp
  9. Creatable Marketing
  10. Message Backup Bot

These are the many projects we are working on and attempting to keep you all updates.
Before we go through our status, we are going to go through some FAQ.
Question 1: How do you earn profit?
We earn profit through adsense, arc and Premium Plans.
Question 2: What services can we expect after these services are finished?
We are working really hard behind the scenes to work on future projects.
Question 3: Why isn’t much SnailDOS discussion happening on the Discord?
The reason for this, is because we have our support system and modmail. User’s dont find themselves needing to use the Discord for help rarley.
Question 4: What can we expect of Fifo? Is it still in Beta?
This will all be discussed in our project status.
Question 5: How much is SnailDOS’s users increasing?
a lot.
Question 6: How many users work on the team as of currently?
6-7 work hard as possible on development work. 2-3 work on advertising. 16 work on support.
Question 7: Why do I find the Discord fairly empty? Am I missing out?
No, you are not, the reason for this is because we have so many services, it’s hard to grow one place where everyone is there. For example, some of our staff do not use Discord.

Hopefully that is enough questions. If you ever have a question, head over to and create a support thread. You may be featured in upcoming events.

Project Status

  1. Fifo Browser:
    Fifo browser is a attempt of security and privacy all in our private browser, using modern technologies, you can easily use Fifo to do day to day tasks. Fifo does not communicate with any of our servers, or send any data, unless YOU perform the action. Fifo ONLY does one offtask job, and that is to check for updates. Currently we have 2 core developers working on Fifo, one is me, and we have 3 contributors from around the world helping out with Fifo every day. Fifo plans to start marketing on the 11’th where Fifo will be found on Youtube, reviews and more.

  2. SnailFM
    SnailFM is a 24/7 radio station that gives users free, copyright music.
    SnailFM has been blasting music over the last month, but development has been fairly quite.
    We have been busy contacting lawyers and music producers to gain permission to use their amazing music on our radio station. We are aware of the random crashes every 3-4 weeks and we are working hard on fixing these bugs.

  3. SnailFM Application
    When the original concept started, first development took 1 week, from then on, Future frontend has been modified into a sleek, futuristic design. SnailFM application does one task, Stream music from SnailFM. We are planning to extend into having mobile applications for Android and IOS. Sneak peeks will be found down below this post.

  4. StreamBop
    Development has been crazy on StreamBop with over 4 developers working on it every day. We try as hard as possible to keep a private mind, and we are now adding opt out analytics on StreamBop. We are making the frontend amazingly easy, for anyone to use. Sneak peeks will be found down below this post.

  5. SnailAPI
    The project has been amazingly successful. We had 1 developer working on this hard to tackle project and only recently just completed it. Our documentary will be live on around the 20’th of the 10’th. SnailAPI is going to be the base of all of our services.

  6. Bubble ID (SnailPortal)
    Bubble ID isn’t finished yet but we are working hard on it. We have a total of 2 developers working on Bubble ID. Our current status is polishing the “Your Account” page, and we will be adding more colors of the next couple of releases. Alpha should be planned to be from today to around a week, if you are interesting in helping to test, please, DM the modmail to join our Beta Discord.

  7. Bubble OATH
    This concept has been worked on, but has not entirely started. At this time, status will not be revealed on the project.

  8. SnailCloud revamp
    Our concept is to make SnailCloud a safer place for your data, with new themes, faster load times and more. We are striving very hard to start work on this project.

  9. Creatable marketing
    Creatable was FLYING with users originally, but since then has stabled on around 100 servers. We are going to start work on marketing on YouTube and more and creating simple easy one click setups.

  10. Message Backup Bot
    The project the most people are interested in, started in 2018 and has failed twice due to discord limitations and more. We have 1 developer working on it, with there amazing skills, Mask, has been working as hard as possible on this project. We are not going to be scaling our staff count higher, since Mask is very skilled and knows exactly what has to be done. The backened of the bot has been finished, and he is working on interactions, /commands, and more.

We really hope this document has explained to you what our status for our project is.
Now, for Sneak Peaks.

Alpha SnailFM build:

Adding a sleek, blur interface with a volume slider, we strive to ensure success on the application.

Alpha Fifo Build:

Fifo has a new theme, with a easier to use interface and a updated group system.

Alpha StreamBOP build:

StreamBop has a new sleek blur design, with new fancy modern visuals. Because of the amount of changes, we don’t want to spoil the new updates! :slight_smile:

Again, we thank you all for sticking through us, where we have a day with bad page views (100 views) to days where we have a AMAZING amount of page views (peaking 1k views that where verified to NOT be bots!). It’s amazing to think we came from a MineCraft server to this. We thank you all so much.
We are keeping up with our users and we WILL be doing MANY giveaways when we hit 220 members!

Thank you all!