Hi SnailDOS it's me 3oheicrw

Someone took my account name on Github and started to spam on various projects. Everything started when I found Github allowed me to rename my account so I tried to rename it to my real name. Later I found someone took my previous account name 3oheicrw. He did it even before I renamed my account, with account name 3oheicrw_alter_ego and alter_ego_of_3oheicrw. He has the habit of deleting account when everyone realized he’s a troll and started to ignore him. Github ended up banned all of his account and mistakenly banned me too. As a result, my public Github profile is no longer available. So do all of my repositories, my submitted issues, my comments and even my pull requests. I have the impression that this specific ticket is about me:

No. Let me clarify with you again. I didn’t deleted my submitted issues and comments on your repository. It’s Github that hidden me from the public. Currently has no Github account. I knew this forum a long time ago but it’s too quiet so I prefer to use Github instead. But now I think it’s a safer place to discuss about Fifo.

Your sincere,

Hi @3oheicrw,
No, that issue wasn’t regarding you at all. It was to explain to the community what is the correct standards of reporting a bug/issue/security vulnerability since a ton of new people are seeing what Fifo is capable.

I’m sorry about your GitHub, but feel free to be active in this forum and I’ll try to assist you with anything you need.

Kind regards,