Fifo Browser v1.0.0

The SnailDOS team presents to you a massive Fifo update!
Here are the changes:


1.0.0 (2021-10-06)


  • Update themes.ts [003cc07]
  • Final Bug Fixes! [e0cdc7f]
  • Update Webpack to better version [35cc0c0]
  • Update [d9f7b48]
  • Update [f5f68c4]
  • Update index.tsx [00b78b4]
  • OOBE never updates if you press skip. [2580c0a]
  • Change welcome first time info into more reliable storage system [13097f4]
  • Update [c3e67d0]
  • Last patch fix! [10115ab]
  • Finish the full setup utility! [4f33136]
  • looks annoying [3f69b13]
  • LAVENDER THEME!!! :stuck_out_tongue: [9d931e8]
  • Update package.json [ef405d8]
  • Welcome improvments [1be99a1]
  • Update [5d5cdab]
  • Update [d2f73d4]
  • Update version [7c898d8]
  • Fix zoom, Add new bookmark folders, fix dialogue system, added default browser service, get icons have been added. A one time setup has also been added. [ca6cad2]
  • Repair the “Clear History”. [cb90ac1]
  • Pin dependencies [5fd4aff]
  • Fix spelling mistake [487eccb]
  • EN_US locale patch. [8ca52e3]
  • Update add.svg [957c9d2]
  • Fix Selected Items Delete & Add.SVG file & Fix White Screen Bug [c197ce0]
  • New Features! I changed preloader and settings [9811ceb]
  • Fix some stuff [1de577f]

We hope you enjoy this update just as much as we enjoyed making it. :slight_smile: